Welcome to Sevin - Providing businesses with Cyber Security

Every company needs to be secure in the knowledge they are protecting their systems and data. Increasing complexity in business and IT means it's vital to be 100% confident that your systems, customer data and reputation are secure - but how do you know for sure?

Sevin has a proven three step approach which helps companies maintain the integrity of their cyber security. Step one entails checks to ascertain if you have a security risk and if so to identify where it is; step two involves analysing the scope of any problem to determine how it can be prevented and step three is the investigation to see what has been going on in your systems and to determine if people have been introducing unexpected risks. All of this requires a specialist set of skills, technical capability, and a sleuth's mindset.

Introducing Sevin Cyber Security

Network Security Monitoring

"How do I know if my network security has been breached and if my business has been compromised?"
Our network security monitoring service combines the power of low-cost hardware SIEM (software information and event management) solutions, Sevin's bespoke search tools and the knowledge, experience and expertise of our highly trained security consultants. We can identify numerous malware attempts, exploits, insider threat activities and data leakage, even over long periods. We focus on producing reports packed with actionable intelligence.

Prevention and Remediation

"How can your business protects its most valuable assets?"
As the nature of threats to information security evolves and becomes more complex, prevention is more than simply making sure information doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Businesses should take a proactive approach to detection; testing their own security practices and systems to pre-empt security breaches. Recognising the value of core information assets and the risks associated with loss of data (especially customer's data) is central to establishing a 'prevention' strategy. Equally important is the availability of systems to enable business 'as usual', in the event of a security attack. Although, not often in the headlines, these sorts of problems can ultimately be as damaging to your business and your reputation. Sevin can be your partner in developing your prevention and remediation strategy.

Investigation and Response

"Something's happened somewhere - how do we find out?"
When it comes to computer investigations, it's never easy. Assessing dubious computer network or staff activity, requires a specialised discipline, technical capability, and an investigative mindset. Sometimes you just need to prove something happened because of staff or computer activity. If a breach has occurred, then where do you start looking and how do you work with your insurance company? Sevin has trained Forensic Computer Investigators and Forensic Scientists and access to legal experts specialised in criminal and civil courts. Our team of specialists are uniquely skilled in finding the evidence to provide a solid case.


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