Our Security Services


Sevin work with customers to review their complete risk assessments for the organisation; dealing with the back office and business processing as well as the provision of any customer services as Critical National Infrastructure. The outputs of these reviews would be updates to the risk posture and agreements with the relative Risk Owners as to their risk appetite and tolerances.

Free Security Analysis

Assessment of organisational Information Assurance maturity

We can review an organisation's information security approaches and the staffs' knowledge and experience against the threats faced for a service organisation, as well as threats faced by a Critical National Infrastructure supplier where applicable.

Provide training or support to existing training

Sevin can provide or support training for information security objectives, strategies, procedures and processes throughout the organisation, from Board level to all operational staff.

Testing or support a customer's own tests

Sevin would help test the organisational security response planning and mechanisms, including: disaster responses, major security incidents and various technical and social penetration testing.

Our Services

Network Security Monitoring

As a result of our pedigree and experience in information security, we have developed and proven our Network Horizons network security monitoring service. It is a powerful combination of low-cost hardware SIEM (software information and event management) solutions, Sevin's bespoke search tools and the knowledge, experience and expertise of our highly trained security consultants.

Network Horizons can identify numerous malware attempts, exploits, insider threat activities and data leakage, even over long periods.

Sevin install one or more custom devices within your network, usually alongside your gateways and these collect network traffic over an extended period - typically a few weeks. Once the data collection is complete, the device and data are taken via our secure courier to Sevin's secure laboratory for analysis by our experts.

From this analysis we provide you with a detailed report (and board level summary), insight into what's actually going on and actionable intelligence.

Prevention and Remediation

As the nature of threats to information security evolves and becomes more complex, prevention is more than simply making sure information doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Businesses should take a proactive approach to detection; testing their own security practices and systems to pre-empt security breaches.

Recognising the value of core information assets and the risks associated with loss of data (especially customer's data) is central to establishing a 'prevention' strategy. Equally important is the availability of systems to enable business 'as usual', in the event of a security attack.

Although, not often in the headlines, these sorts of problems can ultimately be as damaging to your business and your reputation. Sevin can be your partner in developing your prevention and remediation strategy.

Investigation and Response

Recent research reveals, 83% of global businesses indicate they face security risks due to the increasing complexity of IT operations and business processes*

Investigating problems and generating a sustainable response requires a specialised discipline, technical capability, and an investigative mindset. These are Sevin's areas of expertise.

Reacting to an incident quickly, helps you to contain the problem, limit any possible damage and preserve important forensic evidence about a security issue or attack. This evidence helps any law enforcement body or insurance company deal with the case.

Where you have a suspicion that staff are involved, there may be a requirement to investigate their activities to substantiate your doubts with digital evidence. As today's sophisticated attacks are always one step ahead of the public, staff may unwittingly be responding or acting in the course of their duties, which may impact your security. We can help you monitor employee behaviour in an appropriate way.

Trends in the human risk factor* show that the top three issues are; insufficient security staff with knowledge and credentials, employee complacency about security and lack of employee awareness of security practices. Other risks include inability to control employees' devices or apps, automation, more people working outside of the office.

For a holistic view of your company's digital security, all combined IT and human risks need to be considered.

Sevin has trained uniquely skilled Forensic Computer Investigators and Forensic Scientists who are experienced in working closely with legal teams to find the evidence to provide a solid case.

*Enterprise security survey released by the Ponemon Institute.